Place your bets live

Place your bets

In addition to placing your combined bets before the game, you can also bet live. Therefore, the live market is very attractive among bettors. First, because you can bet according to the progress of the teams. Well, many times, some players are injured and do not enter the field, directly influencing or not the final result of the dispute.

But you don’t have to bet “live” to make an accumulator. The great advantage is that you can merge between pre-match bets and live bets or make all your selections in a single mode.

Advantage of multiple bets

The great advantage of making your multiple bets is having the opportunity to break the bank much faster and increase your winnings. Because when you guess the results in the selected events you win the bet. The more events you add to your multiple, the higher your potential profit.

Suppose you have $100 and you want to bet on the Champions League. You select four different games and divide the total amount into the games you will bet on. However, instead of placing a single bet of $25 each, you place a multiple bet with 4 selections on the Champions League for the total amount of $100 (remembering that it is not necessary to select all the games of your multiple in the same sport and/or championship).

Risk or more chances of winning?

chances of winning

In this case, because it is a multiple bet, the risk will be higher, since to win this bet you must guess the result of the 4 selections. That is, the difficulty increases, but so do the gains.

The value of the odds in a combined bet is multiplied by all the odds of the selected events. The more events you select, the more difficult your bet will be, but the profit will be even higher.

Therefore, if you do it right, you will get a return on the amount invested and still have a very attractive profit with your multiple.

Disadvantage of combination bets

Despite being a widely used sports betting method among players, some are still afraid to apply it in their bets. This is because, as we explained before, the combination bet is only valid and you win if you guess the result of all selected events.

In other words, if you are looking for a bet with not very high profits and lower risk, the online multiple betting strategy is definitely not the right one. Now, if you want to break the bank and increase the value bet in a single bet, combination bets can be an excellent option.

Can I bet on casinos with this bet type?

Yes. Casinos offers over 25 sporting options and thousands of events happening all the time. In addition to being an official sponsor of the Northeast Cup and the 2019 Brazil Cup, here you can bet with bonuses.

Betting with bonuses can also be considered a strategy in bookmakers. It is a way to earn more with your guesses and, most of the time, using the bonus offered by the bookmaker.

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Bonus on the first deposit

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Choose your favorite championship to bet on

Choose your favorite championship to bet on

Choose your favorite championship. If you are a soccer fan, make your combined in the Brasileirão, Copa do Brasil, Libertadores, Champions League and much more. But if you prefer basketball, take a look at the best NBA odds on the market and place your bets. At cCasinos you will find the most outstanding sporting events and the best offers on the market.

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We hope these tips have served you! Now you just have to put into practice everything you have learned with our material and be attentive to all the plays of your favorite team. Good luck and see you soon!

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