Types of slot machines

Types of slot machines

Human civilization has been able to build diverse cultures and slot machines have followed. If gaming machines arose as mechanical equipment emulating a game of poker with cards, today slot machines even have virtual reality versions, where the player is immersed in a world created along the lines of a computer program.

We are going to see a little about the types of slot machines and what are the great advantages of each of them.

Classic slot machines

Classic slot machines

Liberty Bell, or “Liberty Bell”, is considered the first slot machine in the strict sense of the word. Invented at the end of the 19th century, it worked with 3 reels on a horizontal axis. These machines only allowed one line of display. The machines that offer the 3×1 format, that is, three reels and one display line, are considered classic slots.

Today there are almost no mechanical machines that offer the classic 3×1 style. With the rise of online gaming, many slots games continue to offer the Liberty Bell style. In order to prevent the gameplay from becoming monotonous, it is quite common for different developers, when offering games with the classic pattern, to add many attractive mini-games to it.

Video slot machines

Video slot machines, also called video slots, arose with the introduction of electronics into the gaming environment. Video monitors allowed programmers to deliver games without the physical limitations of mechanical equipment. Thus, it was already possible to enjoy games with many reels and display lines.

The large matrix of many lines for many reels allowed for a large number of combinations and therefore winning combinations. The possibility of introducing programming in the games is now used by online slot machines.

The biggest jackpot in a slot machine

jackpot in a slot machine

The largest ever jackpot awarded for a slot machine to date was in Las Vegas on March 21, 2003.

The Megabucks game awarded the winner, anonymous to date, with USD 39.7 million. You can even imagine the winner of this permanent vacation award, in his motorboat across the oceans of this world, right?

And you don’t have to go to Vegas to try your luck at a slot machine. You can do it right now, from your home or anywhere else with an Internet connection.

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